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apple & cherry wood

Daily Lunch @ Belvedere Square Market

Gravlox Chrostini Sandwich

Gravlox Chrostini Sandwich

Neopol’s techniques and ingredients reinvent your favorite dishes and create new classics.  We’re proud to stay true to the integrity of our food, while providing you with delicious and exciting options.

We serve lunch daily during our regular opening hours

Our menus feature plenty of fresh ingredients, many of which are organic and free range.


House Salad

always the freshest field greens with sliced apple, and red onion tossed in our balsamic vinaigrette sprinkled with feta

Tossed Salmon Salad

generous portion of smoked salmon with apple, capers, and red onion all tossed with our honey dijon dressing

Daily Salad Special

Ask about todays special

Cutting Tomato

Cutting Tomato


Savory Cheese Pie

widely acclaimed four-cheese blend baked in a handrolled butter pastry with an herb custard filled with your choice of seasonal vegetable, poultry or salmon

Salmon Trio

your choice of two different flavors of our hot smoked salmon and slices of our house Gravlox, served with capers, onions and honey dijon

Crepe du Jour

filled with smoked salmon, potato, spinach and the weekly aioli special

Smoked Seafood Sampler

delicious assortment fresh from our smokery with sauces and condiments


a sampling of our vegetarian treats featuring our unique smoked hummus, tofu, olives and seasonal vegetables


a sampling of our smoked meats, sausages and pâté


Salmon BLT

freshly smoked with our freerange bacon, tomato and field greens with honey dijon dressing on sunflower flaxseed bread


three slices of marinated and smoked tofu served with sliced tomato; on mixed greens with our house-made curry dressing

Turkey Club

organic, local and herb smoked with our house bacon, tomato and field greens with honey dijon dressing on sunflower flaxseed bread

Pork Loin

organic, local and cherrywood smoked with fresh goat cheese, housemade tomato jam, red onions and field greens

Grav Lox Crostini

cured in-house with capers, apple and red onion served open faced on a crispy italian rosemary bread with honey dijon dressing

Neopol Crab Cake

delicately fruitwood smoked with creamy avocado, red onion, tomato and field greens with house aioli served on sunflower flaxseed bread

Smoked Chicken Breast

organic, local with crisp apple, melted Gouda, red onion and field greens on toasted sunflower flaxseed bread with honey dijon dressing

Chicken Curry Sandwich

Chicken Curry Sandwich

Prepared Salads

can be served as a sandwich or over a bed of field greens

Shrimp Salad

Curried Smoked Chicken Salad

Roasted Chicken Salad

Smoked Salmon Salad

Smoked Egg Salad